One Book-One School: Save Me a Seat

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One Book LogoFrom May 11 – May 22, we will be sharing one story as a school. Each day we will read the same chapters.  Try not to read ahead! To go along with those chapters, we have three events: 1) a daily conversation prompt for the entire family; 2) a theme; and 3) an activity or video from MPSA staff that extends the theme.

We hope everyone will read along and try our shared activities. This webpage will update daily with activities!

Need a copy of the book? Physical copies may be purchased (and delivered) from Arlington bookstore, One More Page, or Amazon. For those who prefer to support our libraries, Arlington Public Library has both e- and audio book options. Best of all, it is available for free as an audiobook in Junior Library Guild through the end of May.

Just go to:

  • Username: JLGELM
  • Password: JLGFREE


Week 1: May 11-15

Date/Event Mon., May 11 Tues., May 12 Wed., May 13 Thurs., May 14 Fri., May 15
Read or Listen to: Chapters 1-3 Chapters 4-8 Chapters 9-13 Chapters 14-16 Chapters 17-20
Conversation Prompt Has someone ever either mispronounced your name or called you by a wrong name?  How did that make you feel? If you could give one piece of advice to either Ravi or Joe, what would it be? What skill would you be proud to show in front of a group of people? Do you agree that “the eyes are the window to the world?” Why do you think people can sometimes be superstitious, believing in ideas that cannot be proven by science?
Theme/Topic Welcome Perspective Taking Music & Writing Assumptions Sportsmanship

Welcome Message From Ms. Genove

As you read, keep a family reading journal that lists other books or stories this one reminds you of and why. The authors refer to Christopher Paul Curtis’ Bud, Not Buddy often. Would you want to read it next?

Imagine you are Joe’s mom in the cafeteria.  How do you think you would feel about what is happening? Why?

Message from Ms. Shakespeare

Music Choice Board

Just as Ravi assumed he knew his definition of “assimilate” was correct, as readers, we know that many of Ravi’s assumptions about Dillon’s feelings towards him are not correct.

What are your clues from Joe’s chapters that Dillon may or may not be what he seems?

How do you know when you can trust a new friend?

Mr. McGee and Mr. Holland talk about Sportsmanship

At MPSA, we do not do “school-yard pick” when building teams in PE. That IS what happens at Einstein Elementary in our book. Why might teachers let kids pick their own teams? What are the advantages and disadvantages (pro/con) of choosing this way?

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Week 2: May 18-22

Date/Event Mon., May 18 Tues., May 19 Wed., May 20 Thurs., May 21 Fri., May 22
Read or Listen to: Chapters 21-25 Chapters 26-29 Chapters 30-38 Chapters 39-49 Celebration!
Conversation Prompt What could have happened if Ravi decided to choose one of things he wanted to do in Chapter 23?  Which would you have chosen? Quitting is not an option”.  Is that always good advice? Choose a family member or a friend – tell them what one possession of theirs would you choose to represent them?  Is this the same one they would choose? Do you think it was okay for Ravi and Joe to use the leeches for revenge?
Theme/Topic Bullying Intergenerational Support The Other Side Comfort Food What Makes You, You?
Activity Message from Ms. Reeser

Learn something new about one of your grown-ups at home.

Share with each other in writing or in a drawing what you most love about one another.

LEM/UEM: Write a brief chapter from Dillon’s perspective on what it was like getting to school on that Friday morning.

Primary: Thinking about Joe’s blue M&M, what object and statement best represent you?

Cooking With Ms. Jopeck & Ms. Yamashita (video)

Community Cookbook

Create your own personal glossary, like in the back of the book. Why are these words representative of what makes YOU, YOU?

Share your glossary in the Library folder of your Seesaw class.

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