Important Messages from Ms. Reeser

Message from May 20, 2020

Dear Families, As the pandemic wears on and patience wears down, self-care is more important than ever. Part of self-care is using our emotional intelligence which means: being aware of our feelings having them validated either by ourselves or another holding our feelings without judging them looking to that feeling to guide us in our […]

Message from March 25, 2020

Dear Families, You are very much in my mind and heart these days. Since you are receiving so much information, I am limiting my postings in an attempt not to duplicate what is being communicated on other sites. Please check email from APS staff, APS home page, MPSA website, MPSA School Talk, MPSA PTA for […]

A Message From Ms. Reeser About Additional Counseling Resources

Dear Families, Thinking of all of you and sending well-wishes as we travel uncharted territory together (at least in spirit, since we are social distancing). While a rise in anxiety levels are normal at a time like this there are strategies for reducing our stress level and those of the children in our care. Resources […]

Thank You Message from Ms. Reeser

Dear MPSA Families, Thank you for your generous donations of holiday gift cards for several of our families. We are a community and help each other out in so many ways: kind words, patience, cooperation, appreciation, great food, acts of caring for all children and, at times, monetarily. I want to thank you also for […]