How to Checkout Print Books During Distance Learning

During distance learning students will still have the ability to borrow books from the school library! Although students cannot yet come into the library to browse in person, they may place books on “hold” and library staff will check out and package books for pickup each week. Watch this video for extra help.

Students: be sure to check in Destiny to see when your books are available for pick up. Destiny will say “Checked Out” when the books are available for pick up.

Watch this video for the contactless checkout routine

Scroll down to view the step-by-step guide on how to put books on hold through Destiny Discover!


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Step 1

Holds Step 1

Click on “Library” then click “Library Catalog”

Step 2

Holds Step 2

Click on “Log In”

Step 3

Holds Step 3

Click on “APS MyAccess”
Sign in using your Student ID number and password

Step 4

Holds Step 4

From here you can search for or browse books

Step 5

Holds Step 5

To put a book on hold, click the Hold button at the bottom right-hand corner of the book cover

Holds Step 5.1

Clicking on the book cover icon will show you if the book is an ebook/eaudiobook. Ebooks/euadiobooks can be checked out at anytime (if available) and will not be counted against your 5 physical books.

Step 6

Holds Step 6

To see if your holds are ready to be picked up click on the menu button in the top left-hand corner of the screen

Step 7

Holds Step 7

Click on “My Stuff”

Step 8

Holds Step 8

Click on “Checkouts” to see what you currently have checked out

Step 9

Holds Step 9

Click on “Holds” to check your list of books on hold

If you have any questions are need assistance contact Ms. Jopeck, Ms. Haynes, or Mr. Roberts.