Rachel Kipperman(SPED老师)

克珀曼自1994年以来,我一直是私立和公立学校的蒙特梭利小学老师。 APS since 2001 working at both Drew, Jamestown and now MPSA.自XNUMX年以来,在Drew,Jamestown和现在的MPSA工作。 Prior to先于 APS,我曾在两所私立学校工作。 One was a school called the June Shelton School in Dallas Tx which is school children who have special needs.其中一所是达拉斯德克萨斯州的六月谢尔顿学校,该学校是有特殊需要的小学生。 At the school, the preK-3rd grade classrooms use the Montessori curriculum and pedagogy.在学校,三年级以下的教室使用蒙台梭利课程和教学法。 The experience and training while at the June Shelton School, laid a foundation for in my current position as an Early Childhood Special Education teacher in MPSA's two inclusion classrooms.在六月谢尔顿学校期间的经历和培训,为我目前在MPSA的两个包容性教室中担任幼儿特殊教育老师奠定了基础。 Inclusion is a natural fit for the Primary Montessori class, where all students work at their own developmental levels.In addition to teaching children, I spent from 2003-2019 as a teacher trainer at Northern Virginia Montessori Institute.包容性很适合蒙台梭利小学班级的学习,所有学生都按照自己的发展水平工作。除了教孩子们,我从XNUMX年至XNUMX年在北弗吉尼亚州蒙特梭利学院担任教师培训师。 At the Institute, I taught in the area of Language as well as a course in working with students with Learning Differences in the Montessori classroom.I received my AMS Montessori Primary Certificate from Maryland Center for Montessori Studies, BA and M Ed from Goucher College in Towson MD.在该研究所,我在蒙特梭利教室里教授语言方面的课程以及与学习有差异的学生一起工作的课程。我获得了马里兰州蒙特梭利研究中心的AMS蒙特梭利初级证书,并从Goucher College获得了学士学位和医学博士学位。陶森医学博士。