Mary Jean Bruno (Primary Teacher)

BrunoMary Jean Bruno has been a Primary Montessori teacher since 2000.  Mrs. Bruno was a Psychology and Music double major at Knox College in Galesburg, IL, got AMS Montessori certified at the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies in Boulder, CO, and earned her MA in New Professional Studies in Teaching through George Mason University.  She started her Montessori career in Waco, TX, where her aunt was a Lower Elementary Montessori teacher.  She worked for two years at The Barrie School in Silver Spring before getting married and moving to Arlington.  Mrs. Bruno loves working with the diverse families who choose public Montessori for their children.  She took 5 years off to start a family, and now is thrilled to bring her two children to MPSA.  Mrs. Bruno is currently team teaching with Ms. Rachel Kipperman as the general educator in one of MPSA’S two Primary Montessori Pre-K Special Education Inclusion classrooms.  Inclusion is a natural fit for the Primary Montessori class, where all students work at their own developmental levels.  The primary years are so full of developmental milestones, from learning to hold a crayon to learning to write a story.  Mrs.  Bruno is honored to guide MPSA’s children through those exciting first steps.